Youngstown Telegram

Final Edition
This is the Final Edition of the Youngstown Telegram for August 25th, 1919.
The story of the accident made the front page.   

Youngstown Telegram
Final Edition
Monday, August 25, 1919


Driver of Machine, Blinded By Rain,  Swerves Vehicle Into Collision 
With In-terurban On Wilson Ave.--Other Victims May Die

When his automobile crashed into a New Castle limited inter- urban car in Wilson ave. Sunday afternoon, a Cleveland man and his six-year-old daughter were killed, one of his sons died ten hours later, three other members of his family were so seriously injured they may die and a friend was slightly hurt. The Dead Andrew Beganik, 49, 1638 Ridgewood, Cleveland. Killed in- stantly. Body at Gillen and McVean's undertaking rooms. Andrew Beganik, jr., 23, same address. Died at 1:10 a.m. Monday in Youngstown hospital. Body at Orr's undertaking rooms. Mary Beganik, 6, same address, Killed instantly. Body at Shriver's undertaking rooms. The Injured Mrs. Andrew Beganik, 45, same address. Youngstown hospital. Skull fractured. Still unconscious and may die. John Beganik, 19, same address. Youngstown hospital. Skull fractured. Still unconscious and may die. Joseph Beganik, 13, same address. Youngstown hospital. Skull fractured. Still unconscious and may die. Adam Hrymlak, 23, 12903 Plover, Cleveland. Scalp wound and cuts on hands. Released from hospital. Accident In Storm The accident occurred at 4:25 p.m. during a heavy downpour of rain. Andrew Beganik, jr., was driving the automobile west on Wilson ave. The interurban in charge of Motorman A. W. Moore was eastbound. Between Hine and Prospect witnes- ses noticed the automobile, going rapidly, in the westbound car tracks. it suddenly swerved as tho the driver was trying to avoid sidesweeping the street car. The machine failed to leave the car rails, due to the slip- pery pavement and high speed at which it was traveling. In skidding it swung across the eastbound tracks and crashed into the interurban. The automobile was crushed and rolled over and over, the occupants being strewn along the street with the wreckage. Three automobiles and the police patrol quickly went to the scene of the wreck. it was found that Beganik and his daughter were dead and they were removed to morgues. Other members of the family and Hrymlak were taken to Youngstown hospital. Hrymlak's injuries were dressed and he left soon after he had been given surgical attention. Woman May Die Mrs. Beganik and her two sons were unconscious and up to 3 p.m. Mon- day had not recovered. Their injuries are so serious, fears are entertained for their recovery. The family made an automobile trip to East Youngstown and vicinity. Beganik planned to move to that lo- cality this fall and was looking for a farm home. On their return trip thru Youngstown enroute to Cleveland the accident happened. Three boys of the family, Steven 17, Paul 15, and Charles 11 had remained at home. Late Sunday they received news of the fatal accident and left for Youngstown in a motorcycle. They are anxiously awaiting further news at the hospital. Andrew, jr., who drove the car, was only recently discharged from the army.


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