Youngstown Vindicator

This is the First or Early Edition of the Youngstown Vindicator for August 25th, 1919.
The story of the accident made front page on the Noon Edition.
Both articles are exactly the same just the headlines are different.

Youngstown Vindicator
First Edition
Monday, August 25, 1919

Family is Nearly Wiped Out When Automobile Skids into New Castle Car

Slippery pavements, the result of the heavy downpour of rain Sunday afternoon, caused two automobile accidents, one of which resulted in death to three people and injury to four others, three of them being seriously hurt. THE DEAD ANDREW BEJANY, SR., aged 49 years, 1638 Ridgewood Avenue, Cleveland. MARY BEJANY, aged 8, same address. ANDREW BEJANY, JR., aged 6, same address SEROUSLY INJURED MRS. MARY BEJANY, 1638 Ridgewood Avenue, Cleveland, at City hospital. JOHN BEJANY, same address, at hospital. ROY BEJANY, same address, at hospital. SLIGHTLY HURT ADAM HREMAK, Cleveland, went home. The accident in which the Bejany family and Hremak were The victims occurred at 4 o'clock in Wilson avenue at Hine street, when their auto skidded into a street car. According to eye witnesses of the Wilson avenue tradgedy the Bejany family in a Studebaker auto driven by Adam Hremak was travelling at a high rate of speed, coming west on Wilson avenue, on the wrong side of the street. When near the corner of Hine street they attempted to turn out for an east bound New Castle limited car, and on account of the rain and wet pavement the car skid- ded broadside into the street car, re- ducing the auto to scrap. Citizens in the neightborhood aided by the crew and passengers on the car extricated the unfortunate vic- tims from the wreckage and carried them onto a nearby porch. Ambu- lances were called from all sources. All were taken to the City hospital, but Andrew Bejany, Sr., was dead upon arrival at the institution and the body taken to Shriver's mourgue. Mary Bejany, Jr., died soon after be- ing admitted and Andrew Bejany, Jr., died shortly after midnight. Mrs. Mary Bejany and two sons, John and Roy, are still in the hospital and while their condition is serious, hopes are entertained for their recovery. Adam Hremak, the driver of the auto , was badly cut across the hands and legs, but was able to leave the hospital after receiving surgical care. He returned to his home at Cleve- land on a night train. The bodies of the dead children were taken to Gillen & McVean's morgue. No funeral arrangements have been made as relatives from Cleveland are expected to arrive to- day. Coroner E. Henry Jones was noti- fied and will probably hold an in- quest today. The accident happened about 4 p.m.


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