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Coat of arms: In the shield, on a greeen background with three mountain peaks, a [n.] stag rearing.
Crest: Stag rampant.
Mantling: blue and gold - red and silver
Patent of nobility from King Leopold I., dated Layenburg, May 7, 1698, for Stefan Begani as the primary recipient, as well as for his wife Helene Varga and his son Johann as secondary recipients.
(Original District A. Marmaros)

Wappen: InB. auf gr. Dreiberge, ein aufspringender n. Hirsch.
Kleinod: Der Hirsch wachsend.
Decken: bg. - rs.
Adels u. Wappenbrief v. Knig Leopold I. d. d. Layenburg, 7 Mai 1698 fr Stefan Begani als Haupterwerber, sowie fr seine Ehefrau Helene Varga ur den Sohn Johann als Nebenerwerber.
(Orig. Ctt. A. Marmaros).

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