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I found these family crests in Siebmacher's Wappenbuche. The book, written in German, is a multi-volume set covering Germany, Austria, Switzerland and much of Eastern Europe.

The crest is everything which is above the shield. Usually a figure, it is affixed to the helmet of every commander, so he is able to stand out in the confusion of battle.

The crowns on the Beganyi crests are crowns of untitled nobility.

The mantle or mantling, gives prominence to the coat of arms and crest, and represents the lambrequin, or covering of the helmet, to protect it from the sun or rain. Most times it is of the principal colour and metal of the bearer's arms.


There is some debate as to the meaning of the shape of the shield. Most historians agree that the shape was usually determined by the time period and geographic region. The shield was worn on the arm as protection. It also helped the bearer to be recognized by his friends during battle. The shield is a much more recognized symbol of a man or a family, much more so than the crest.


Gold is shown by yellow, silver is shown by white; in the black-and-white drawings, gold is represented by white stippled with fine black dots, and silver by plain white.

I guessed at some of the colors, such as the stag, one can only guess a stag would be brown. In the descrptions, it says the mantling is gold with blue and silver with red. In the black-and-white drawings the blue is represented by horizontal lines. Two of the shields had the horizontal lines in them. I could only guess they were also blue.

Gold or yellow - Generosity
Silver or white - Peace and sincerity
Blue - Loyalty and truth
Red - Warrior, military fortitude and magnanimity (generous and noble especially in forgiving)
Green - Hope and joy

I recently found this color chart for heraldry. Under each color is the line art or textural version


Acorn - Antiquity and strength
Crane (Stork) - Close parental bond; Vigilance if holding a rock
Gauntlet - Armed for the performance of martial enterprise
Goat - Emblem of a warrior who wins through politics rather than war
Lion - Dauntless courage
Stag - One who will not fight unless provoked; peace and harmony 
Stag's Antlers - Strength and fortitude
Star - Celestial goodness; noble person
Sword - Justice and military honour
Vine - Strong and lasting friendship


The German to English translation was done by Ulrike E. Lieder. He is a professional translator who provides his services for a free online German translation service. I thank him very much for his help.

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