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28 February 2022

I am working on a historical timeline. I have been translating stories from the Hungarian Archives which will go on this timeline as well as any stories I receive from other Beganyi's.

9 September 2021

The email was still not working. I have added images with the email address for the website. Unfortunately, I am not an expert web designer and there will not be a clickable link for the email. beganyifamily email

8 October 2020

I added a Family Tree page. I will be adding the three branches I currently have onto this page. It is a simple tree made with MS Paint.

21 September 2020

I moved the entire website from Rootsweb freepages to GoDaddy. This allowed me to fix several errors including the contact button. You can now click on the:the mailbox icon at the bottom of each page to send me an email. I did not realized the email link was not working so if you sent an email in the past, please send another.

10 July 2020

I have added a name index a Beganyi name index and the Family Group Sheets which correspond to those individuals.

22 March 2020

After a long break I am back to doing research on the family tree and family history.
I am in the process of moving the family tree to FamilySearch.org. FamilySearch.org is run by the Church of LDS and is completely free. You can access the tree by going FamilySearch

1. Scroll down and enter into the search fields my father's whole name, Andrew Ronald Begany.

2. Again scroll down and you will see several Andrew Begany's. On the left should be Andrew Ronald Begany born in 1933. Click on him, that is my branch of the tree.

3. It will ask you to create a free account. Please do so and look through the tree.

I encourage you to add yourself, your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and any other relative. Attempt to connect you or any of your relatives to my branch. FamilySearch.org does not allow anyone except you to see or access the information you enter for yourself or for any other livng person you enter. That is why you had to look up my Father and not me.
I will be changing the Information sheets on this site to PDFs of the family group sheets from FamilySearch.

beganyifamily email

The Begany Family